Look beyond what is around you and into what is inside of you. Uncomplicate, breakdown and process what is on the surface and align to what is yearning within you. Come home to you. 
Marleen x


Reduce stress held in your body, bring clarity and alignment into your  well-being.

Marleen works with a range of issues that are causing an overload or stress on the mind, body, spirit and nervous system. Each session is tailored to the individual.

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Image by Georgia de Lotz

Mind Body Medicine

Align your mind and body, a process of growth and self-discovery. Delve into the depths of your subconscious, feel into your body and listen to your inner knowing. Delve beyond the symptoms and into the core of what your body needs. 

Marleen incorporates Mind Body Medicine in all her sessions. 

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Kinesiology for Kids

Kinesiology is suitable for Children. A natural approach to assist children experiencing anxiousness, concentration, self-esteem, focus issues. Assist in calming their nervous system. 

Marleen works with children from 4 years old.

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