A personal journey to unlocking your potential

What is holding you back from:

  • being your authentic self? 

  • thriving in your business?

  • believing in yourself?

  • moving forward?

  • healing?

  • where you want to be?

  • loving all aspects of yourself?

Using Kinesiology and incorporating mind body medicine techniques, connect to your body's innate wisdom and energy field, to unlock your potential and journey back to self.


Physical symptoms is your body's way of letting you know there is an imbalance or simply there is something that needs your attention. Consider it your health and wellbeing reminder!

Using muscle monitoring you connect to your conscious and subconscious to identify where the stress is being held and what the body needs to heal itself. 

The intention is to calm the mind, body and spirit, bring all three into alignment and restore balance to support your body's healing process.

Bring awareness to

  • What is holding you back

  • Emotional blockages stored in your sub-conscious,

  • Self-Limiting beliefs

  • Behavioural patterns and motivators which may be causing you stress / imbalance

  • And more


Once you become aware, you open yourself to the work you need to do to allow yourself to overcome these self placed limitations. This makes room for you to show up in the world from a place of self nourishment, self acceptance and self confidence, returning you back to your original nature. ​

Work towards​

  • Internal alignment

  • Connection between mind and body

  • Letting go of what no longer serves you

  • Restoring balance and harmony

  • Self-love and appreciation

Through letting go of what no longer serves you, you open yourself to new opportunities.

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Holistic Kinesiology


Kinesiology has a holistic approach and uses techniques to assist the body's natural healing process. Kinesiology taps into your subconscious body using your muscles as the receptor, to identify where the stress/imbalance is being held and what is beneath the surface of the presenting issue. 

Kinesiology is the understanding that the mind, body and spirit are all connected and intertwined. When we disconnect from our inner self, imbalance can start to present itself on a physical, emotional, nutritional or energetic level. 

Change and growth comes from connecting within and doing the work.

Your story is unique to you, so too are your sessions.

Each session is tailored to you, based on what you need in that moment. 

It is important you continue to do the work between sessions.

Mind Body Medicine


Incorporating Mind Body Medicine techniques into Kinesiology further explores the understanding of the mind body spirit connection and relationship between symptoms and the underlying emotion.

Sometimes the pain we feel in our body is a manifestation of past emotional hurt and experiences (this is not to say all pain is a result of past emotional hurt). 

Through understanding the symptoms and exploring the underlying emotion, you begin to understand the messages your body is trying to send you.

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