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Intertwined holds space for you to reconnect with yourself. Fall back in love with your authentic true self and remember how imperfectly perfect you truly are.

In a world where we are all trying to do our best, we often get lost in the external environment we live in and forget about ourselves, who we are as individuals and what we bring into this world.

Intertwined, is a space to be real, release, peel back the layers and heal. We all have a story and choose to tell it how we see fit. At Intertwined Marleen offers Kinesiology, incorporating Mind Body techniques to assist you in unlocking underlying stress, self-limiting beliefs and emotional blockages holding you back from being the best version of you.

We offer 1 to 1 sessions from our clinic space in Russell Lea, Sydney and Online via zoom. Working with you on a range of issues where you would like to release, unlock, repattern and tap into. ​


Marleen is our passionate Kinesiologist who believes that everybody holds the key to their own healing. Marleen is dedicated to help her clients move through a wide range of physical and emotional transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible.


Diploma of Kinesiology (College of Complementary Medicine)

Diploma of Mind Body Medicine (College of Complementary Medicine)

Kinesiology for Kids (Emma Sternberg)

LEAP FT 1 Brain Integration (Janet Taylor Breakthroughs International)